Duplicate Titles with Yoast’s WordPress SEO Plugin

This is a ‘problem’ that’s perpetually swirling around the WordPress support forums. Here’s just one example.  I’ll be honest, I haven’t thoroughly combed through the code that hooks into the title and outputs the new “Yoast title”. I will however say, it works perfectly on many, many sites I’ve been using it on. That being said, for each an […]

Conditional Backgrounds in WordPress

Here’s the situation. You’re developing a WordPress theme. Maybe you’ve started with one of the tens of thousands of free templates available on the web or maybe you’ve started with one of the few bare bones themes like Starkers (my favorite because I hate dealing with other peoples code). You can find a great list […]

Welcome to justinwhall.com 2.0

Yep, I’m changing a number of things – most of which is only really seen in the back-end. More importantly however, (and far more interesting of course) I’ve changed my URL to something bigger, better , badder and ultimately  much more applicable. —-> justinwhall.com. Those of you with a keen sense for detail will notice […]